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Very few documents are on a par with a driving license regarding identification and skill proof uses. That’s why it takes three to six months to obtain this permit in most EU countries and beyond. Read the months of strenuous effort, dull training courses, red tape, and nerve-racking exams. If only there were some kind of driving license express service to take the waiting time out of your license acquisition journey.

Wait, here it is!Best Cost Supplies now issues express driving licenses for motorheads and other enthusiasts from the EU and other countries. This is the fastest and the least stressful way of receiving a driver’s permit for the car you own and the laws you need to comply with.

How fast is our driving license express service?

When you’re told your driving license journey is going to take half a year, finding out you can receive it in a matter of days may sound like wishful thinking. But with
\Real Document Providers, it’s reality!

Here you can apply for any driving license for sale, select any country and category, and have it registered in the national data system. The process only takes three days, including the time for getting your ready-to-use permit to your doorstep. Our express service involves an expedited delivery to meet your urgent needs or help you in an emergency.

Do you need to prove your skills?

When buying a real driver’s license, you don’t have to share your driving course certificates or skill test results. We do take your word for it, but we still advocate for attentive driving to avoid reckless behaviors and other risks behind the wheel. Even though there’s no exam you need to pass with Real Document Providers, consider practicing your driving skills if you lack experience or think you may not be aware of all road safety rules.

What personal data do you need to unveil to buy an express driving license?


Real Document Providers doesn’t require driving test results and other proof of skills, but we need some of your data to be of service to you. It all comes down to what will be featured on your permit. This data is widely applied throughout the world and includes your identity details, photo, and signature. For better or worse, you wouldn’t be able to buy an express driving license or use a regular service without providing this information.

To make sure it’s safe to unveil your data with Real Document Providers, we’ve set up a process that’s so secure that it could be adopted by national banks. Encrypted data transfer, data erasure, and other technicalities aside, here are a lot of testimonials to substantiate our claims.

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