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Cloned cards refer to counterfeit payment cards created using information from a legitimate card. This practice is a form of financial fraud and is illegal. Cloning typically involves copying data from the magnetic stripe of a genuine card onto a fake one. This data is often obtained through illegal means such as skimming devices placed on ATMs or card readers, or through data breaches.

Once the information is stolen, it is transferred onto a blank card or even an existing card with a rewritable magnetic stripe. The cloned card can then be used to make unauthorized transactions, mimicking the original card. The victim may remain unaware of the cloning until unauthorized charges appear on their account or their card is declined due to unusual activity triggering security measures.

Financial institutions and payment processors have implemented various technologies to combat card cloning, such as EMV chips (which are much harder to clone than magnetic stripes), and real-time fraud monitoring systems. Consumers are advised to protect their card information, regularly monitor account statements, and report any suspicious activity to their card issuer immediately.

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